Stepping into the past,  the "FUNADDICTS" morph into an awesome 50's and 60's Review, "BOBBY SOX and the JUKEBOX". This unique and entertaining project features up to three one-hour shows, each with its own distinctive style of music.

Our first set set addresses the best of the Doo Wop
 era, and opens with the iconic "American Bandstand Boogie". Costumed with 50's "greaser" outfits, letterman jackets, bow ties and T-shirts, you'll love this set if you like the street-corner vocal harmonies of the Marcels, Dion and the Belmonts, and tunes like the "Shoop Shoop Song". Pop hits from Motown may also weaved into this this one hour production, making it a complete set of great American music.

A full Motown Set is costumed in classy, semi-formal attire, reminiscent of the outfits donned by artists like the Temptations, Aretha Franklin and Chubby Checker.  Featuring Pop/Soul Music, this set is a great mix of groove and energy.
The British Explosion and American Top-40 set is depicted in the second set. Unforgettable pop hits and driving rock tunes imported from across the Atlantic features The Beatles, Petula Clark, Herman's Hermits, and The Rolling Stones along with music produced by the original "American Idols", the Beach Boys, Sam the Sham,  Elvis, Jay and the Americans, the Kingsmen, the Everly Brothers and many more. It's an unbeatable combination of two cultures blended into the perfect musical marriage of memories.  Costuming reflects the Hippy culture that dominated the youth fashion scene on both sides of the Atlantic during that time of Peace, Love and Harmony.

By popular demand, we have added a 70's & 80's Disco/Funk set to complement the 50's and 60's sets. You'll hear the best dance tunes from this energetic era, including "We are Family", "YMCA", "Get Down Tonite", "Ladies Night" and many others.  The show is guaranteed to get your feet movin' and your Grove thing groovin'!

So now, with hits from the 50's through the 80's, "BOBBY SOX and the JUKEBOX  is truly a complete 'Memory Lane' entertainment value.  This is an "outrageously fun project" with special emphasis on songs that you might never hear again in the live club scene.  The nostalgia is heart warming, the energy is infectious, and the presentation reminds us that its never too late to feel young at heart.  This project is the perfect entertainment answer for any event where good clean fun is a priority.  Just don't forget to bring your best sing-a-long voice and your hottest dance moves, because you will feel like a teen-ager once again!

To view our list of Jukebox Hits, please click on our "Songlist" tab just below our picture, then scroll down to the 50's & 60's section.

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